​We focus on cutting edge market research techniques that give us unparalleled insight in to the worlds of our patients and HCPs.
A snapshot of our insights services:

Patient and HCP Research

Recruitment of patients and HCPs for in depth interviews, focus groups or surveys, we can support you with getting the insight to make informed decisions about your brand.

Brand Positioning and Development 

How do customers position your brand against competitors now, and what will it take to get to where you want to be? We can support you to get the insight you need to ensure your brand can develop in to the future.

Patient and HCP Engagement

What are the drivers, motivations, barriers and challenges within your therapy area, and how can we overcome them? We are here to get the insight you need in to the solutions and services that can support your HCPs and Patients with your products and therapy areas.

Experience Mapping

Using our unique skills across Twist, combined with our experience mapping platform we help our clients identify what the real issues for patients and HCPs are in their field, and where and how pharma can add real value.


We know that innovation is born out of insights and market research. As a result we have a team of world class researchers, insights tools, and strategies to uncover the real challenges, beliefs, behaviours and motivations of our HCPs and patients.


We partner with leading behavioural psychologists to get to the bottom of why our HCPs and patients make the choices they do, and carve a strategy to change these behaviours. 

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Find out more

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