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Engagement Engine

Increasing access and driving F2F interactions in an established market where access is a priority, and face-to-face interactions are valued highly.


Twist Health were approached by a client who had wealth of data on their customers but felt this as not being utilised and they knew their customers in a 2 dimensional  manner only.

The main goals was to increase face to face contact with their customer base and measure how their interactions, both remote and in person were progressing them to that goal.

Recommendation engine and next best action engines exist in many forms, our clients often find these fall short of their needs as they are not specific enough, do not take into account compliance or the personas of their customers and materials and lack transparency.


Defining Value

Twist health worked with the client to define a desired outcome for their interactions with their customers. What value they attributed to these outcomes and the time frame in which they want them to occur.

From this we developed a composite score to measure success with.

The Engine

Twist Health calculated the probability that an interaction would lead to a valuable outcome and positioned these offering against the clients ladder of adoption and the defined personas.

This encouraged the team to strategically use materials and channels with distinct personas, adopting a truly omnichannel approach.

The Results

Twist Health had the opportunity to split the client team in two and give half of the team access to the engine while allowing us to measure the effectiveness of the engine in its first iteration.


We described the differences between two groups and the time before the engine was implemented to see the difference the engine made.

Get in touch to see how we can support you with effective, measurable HCP engagement strategies, that move with you.

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